How it all began…

Three Corner Coffee Roaster was started in 2010 by Kirk and Kelle Richter, missionaries who have been working in Cambodia since 2002.  Beginning with an initial desire to help Cambodians be able to see true economic freedom, they also felt the need to help Christian ministries, NGO’s, and missionaries to continue their humanitarian, as well as their evangelistic efforts with the people of Cambodia after the economic crisis of 2008/2009.  They asked God to give them a means to fulfill this desire to help Cambodians and Cambodian ministries or missionaries, and were given many opportunities to speak with another missionary couple that were sourcing green coffee beans from various countries to roast and sell in the US to help fund their ministry in Sudan.

Kirk and Kelle originally sent green coffee beans from Cambodia to the US to do the same thing, but after a bit of thought, they realized that production being done in Cambodia helped to meet more needs than sending it away to the US. Kirk started researching different ways in which to roast coffee, and after going over a few different designs, the fluidized-bed (hot-air) roaster designed by Michael Sivetz, seemed to fill all the requirements needed to roast in Cambodia.  Because of his engineering experience, Kirk was able to design and construct a roaster here in Cambodia from open source blueprints available on the web.  Three Corner Coffee’s logo, branding, and color schemes were overseen by Kelle and continue to be, along with the great taste of our coffee, the compliment received most, coming from almost every customer that walks through our doors.


Mission Statement

At Three Corner Coffee Roaster we are committed to:  encouraging the industrial development of the Cambodian coffee industry, helping of underprivileged Khmer men and women, and producing high quality Khmer products for responsible consumers.

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Our Family

Kirk and Kelle Richter


Kirk and Kelle Richter are from state of Texas and originally came to Cambodia in 2002 to work in construction. After their projects had been completed they returned to the United States.  Cambodia, however, never left their hearts and in 2008, Kirk and Kelle and their family returned to Cambodia as missionaries.

Their Vision for TCCR:

As a business, Kirk and Kelle Richter set up Three Corner Coffee Roaster as a Christian Social Enterprise in hopes that a truly sustainable form of ethical business might be established in Cambodia.  Their vision and the goals that they have set are being added to and will continue to be added to with each new employee.  To see Three Corner Coffee’s family grow, develop, and strive to maximize the social benefit it renders to Cambodia and it’s peoples is what lies closest to their hearts.


Thavy Varin

Administration and Accounts

Hello everyone! I am Thavy and I control the Administrative functions and Accounts for Three Corner Coffee. My home province is Banteay Meanchey and I am a pleasant person, though at times a bit motherly to all the other women that work here.

Personal Goals:

I do especially enjoy flowers and find them uplifting and joy-giving. In the future, I would definitely consider opening my own flowershop to help uplift and bring joy to others.

Vision for TCCR:

I would like to see Three Corner Coffee’s clients successful through their use of high quality Cambodian coffee and also to see that success passed on to the Cambodian coffee farmers.

MornPisey Sam


Soursdey! My name is Pisey and I supervise the Production line for Three Corner Coffee.  I originally come from Kampong thom Province and I prefer peace and quiet, except that is, when I am joking around or helping to train the other women who work with me.

Personal Goals:

My goal for the future is to save up enough money and someday, open up my own café or restaurant to help give employment opportunities to other orphaned Khmers such as myself!

Vision for TCCR:

As far as Three Corner Coffee goes, I would like to see it successfully continue in its mission to help underprivileged Khmer men and women with job training and employment, so they might also see success in their own careers and lives.

Vorleak Yan


Hey! My name is Voleak and I do most of the deliveries for Three Corner Coffee, and I also provide safe transportation for our White Lotus staff going and coming from work.  My home province is Svay Reang, but I grew up in Phnom Penh.  I am easy going and love to joke around a lot.  In my spare time I try to find extra work for myself, but if I cannot, I do enjoy playing ping pong and other sports.

Personal Goals:

Since I was young, I was interested in having my own park (natural) that visitors or tourists might use to rest and relax. I also would like to own my own farm, most any type will do.  I want these businesses to, not only provide a good life for me and my family, but also to give me extra time to use to help my local church.

Vision for TCCR:

The most important goal that I believe Three Corner Coffee has set for itself is the encouragement, the training, and the love that it wants to show to the underprivileged staff.  It is very important for them to receive confidence in themselves and in their ability to be an integral part of our company (family).

Women of the White Lotus Project

The women of the White Lotus Project that are employed by Three Corner Coffee Roaster make up a very important part of our team and deserve credit for their work, but not in such a way that would compromise the healing they are undergoing.  We choose to support these women by providing them a safe and supportive working environment through which they can receive job training that is critical to their future success.  We want for them to go beyond the labels placed on them and to find success in their own lives, so we respect their right to privacy.
Please feel free to check out White Lotus Project’s website here for more information.