At Three Corner Coffee Roaster we are committed to:



Encouraging the Industrial Development of Cambodia’s Coffee Industry 

through directly challenging the current industrial standards, not only at Cambodia’s national level, but also at the international level. To help to produce and promote 100% Khmer products that have a high standard of hygiene and quality, giving Cambodian’s the ability to compete in today’s and tomorrow’s global economy.


Helping of Underprivileged Cambodian Men and Women 

by providing a safe and supportive work environment that allows them to take care of themselves while on their road to recovery. To provide on-the-job training to these men and women, so they will gain confidence in themselves and their work, later benefitting them in their search for a good job.


Producing High Quality Khmer Products for Responsible Consumers 

by making sure that every step of the coffee producing process, from bean to bag, reaches for the least environmental impact: through recycling and using energy efficient methods of roasting; and more importantly for true cultural preservation: through developing our own Direct Trade Model to cooperate with Cambodian farmers and their communities to increase their standard of living.