Kris Young

I used to think that there was no such thing as a “good” Cambodian coffee

and so I would drink a mid-priced Vietnamese coffee that I could only find

at one store in the city.  I was quite happy with it until one day I bought

a new bag, made a cup and… it tasted like it was mixed with tea!  It was

awful and I had to toss the whole bag.  A friend of mine told me about Three

Corner Coffee and suggested I try it.  I bought a bag and was hooked!  The

flavor was nice and smooth.  I love the double roasted blend the best.  I

have found Three Corner to be the best coffee for my money in Cambodia.

The quality is consistent, the price is reasonable and the company treats

their employees and suppliers with respect and dignity.   Thank you Three

Corner Coffee for providing such a good product and for making a believer of

local coffee out of me.


Kris Young

Phnom Penh, Cambodia