Who do we choose to work with and why?

Three Corner Coffee Roaster, as a Christian Social Enterprise, chooses to partner with other social enterprises, organizations, and companies that are directly bringing benefit to the people of Cambodia through social development and humanitarian missions. Those distributors and sub-distributors that have become our representatives in various regions have similar social goals and continue to strive to hold to business ethics that match our own. These partnerships are essential to maximizing Three Corner Coffee Roaster’s social benefit.


Our Major Partners



White Lotus Project

In Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh: we partner with the White Lotus Project to provide a safe and supportive working environment for the women that are being, or have been, helped by the counseling, nurturing, and training done through this project.


SoDE Solutions

In the United States: we have established a relationship with a non-profit organization called SoDE, that has the goal of creating sustainability and changing economic situations in order to be part of the solution to ending human-trafficking.


Local Provincial Distributers

For Battambang Province: we work with Lukas Bernhardt and gladly support Lighthouse, Battambang and what they are doing with the young people there.